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Recently updated the top 20 for the Devils.

1. Nicklas Bergfors, RW

2. Matthew Corrente, D

3. Andy Greene, D

4. Alexander Vasyunov, LW

5. Petr Vrana, C

6. Jeff Frazee, G

7. Barry Tallackson, LW

8. Vladimir Zharkov, RW

9. Kirill Tulupov, D

10. Mark Fraser, D

11. Tony Romano, C

12. Tyler Eckford, D

13. David Clarkson, RW

14. Nathan Perkovich, RW

15. Patrick Davis, LW

16. Alexander Sundstrom, C

17. Mark Fayne, D

18. T.J. Miller, D

19. Jason Smith, G

20. Rod Pelley, C

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I disagree with where Pelley is at. He has shown much more grit than Tallackson, though maybe not as much scoring touch. Tallackson didnt' work hard enough in the few chances he had, whereas Pelley did a rather good job in replacing Madden for a few games. Clarkson should be higher up. He had several points i the few games he played, was fierce enough to play in the NHL, and worked hard every shift. I really cant wait until Bergfors reaches the NHL level.
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