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The team with no identity - a history of the Vancouver Canucks uniforms.

1970 - blue, green and white. Horizontal hockey stick logo.

First change 1978-1979
- from blue, green and white to black, red and yellow. No logo just monster sized V made from stripes.

Second change 1985-1986
- kept colours of black, red and yellow but changed logo to a stripe picture of a skate over a hockey puck.

Third change 1989-1990
- kept logo but changed home uniforms from yellow to white. Dropped thick red stripe down to a thin red stripe. New official colours are black, red, yellow and white.

Fourth change 1995-1996
Not really a change but an added third jersey. Red from shoulders to logo, black from logo to waist. Yellow stripe from armpit to logo.

Fifth change 1997-1998
Complete change. new colours two shades of blue, silver, white and maroon. New logo of a killer whale jumping out of the water to complete a "C". Dropped third jersey.

Sixth change 2001-2002
The return of the third jersey. Similar to the regular road unis but with a liberal splash of red to it all.

Seventh change 2003-2004
Addition of the fourth and fifth jersey as the Canucks go vintage and bring back the 1970-1971 uniforms.

Eighth change 2005-2006
Drop the white vintage uniform but keep the other four.

Ninth change 2006-2007
Drop the third jersey but keep the vintage blue, killer whale home and road.

Quote from
"Many believe -- rightfully so -- that the Kings and Mighty Ducks' third jerseys from 1996 rival the Canucks "V" jerseys from the late 1970's/early 1980's as the ugliest of all-time."

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The story behind the "V"


"However, the biggest fashion statement made in the 1970's came at the start of the 1978-79 season, when the Vancouver Canucks ditched their conservative blue-and-green color scheme for gold, orange and black in one of the biggest eyesores in professional sports history. The jerseys and pants were covered with V's, the biggest one plastered on the front of the jersey in place of the traditional crest. Logical thinking would suggest that all those V's stood for Vancouver, but that wasn't necessarily so. I was talking with my friend Peter McNab, who played 14 seasons in the NHL, one and a half of which was spent wearing these hideous jerseys. He was telling me that he had spoken with the San Francisco psychologist who designed the uniforms. "The V's did not stand for 'Vancouver,'" he told me. "They stood for 'victory.'" He said the idea was for the players to see the V's for victory as a way to inspire them to victory. However, it was usually the Canucks' opponents who were inspired to victory, as the Canucks didn't have a single winning season in those jerseys (although they did reach the Stanley Cup Finals in 1982, getting swept by the New York Islanders). For the 1985-86 season, those uniforms were mercifully toned down, as the big V on the front was replaced by the Canucks' crest, and four years later, gold was replaced by white as the team's primary home jersey color."
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