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Hi guys, just an introduction.

Basically, I'm from Stockport in North-West England, just South of Manchester, however I spent alot of time in Vancouver, BC and some of my family are also from BC as well, a few years ago I went to a game and was hooked ever since, I watch as many games as I can on ESPN America or on the internet, which usually involves me waking up at about 4am my time!!

I try and get to at least a game a season, I am relatively new to Ice Hockey fandom only becoming a proper fan in the last 3 or 4 years, I used to play in England for a time when I was younger for Manchester Boys but gave it up and got more into Football (Soccer).

I'm also a huge fan of Football (Soccer) supporting the English team, Stockport County, who play in the Blue Square Conference Premier (5th Tier of English Football) as well as being a Cricket and a Rugby fan, I support England and Canada in every sport (but not Great Britain!).

Hope to become a regular member!!

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