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Welcome! Good to see new folks here. This is not a real busy forum but maybe as we get closer to the Stanley Cup playoffs... I'm guessing it's been a little disappointing to be an Avalanche fan this year with all the injuries.

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Thanks bud, yeah injuries and depth have hurt us bad, just hope we get them back soon or we won't be defending the cup

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Hi and Welcome. Your Avalanche Team took my team's S.C. last year, 😁
and I put a lot of that on our Speed Skater #38 POINT being injured, and
not participating at all in our Cup defense! Your team during the S.C. was
Immensely Impressive! And what stood out the most to us, was the remark-
able speed of your men as they skated, and even their passes to one an-
other looked 25%-50% faster than The Lightning's work. It really did blow
me over, looking to me as if you all were on film, and the film was being
played at an artificially fast speed! It was really something else to witness!
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