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The players that the Hawks still have on contract for the 2010-2011 season are:


The restricted free agents are:


The unrestricted free agents are:


In my opinion, I think for next season, the Hawks should not trade or attempt to trade anyone they have currently on contract.

For the restricted free agents, I especially think they should resign Hjalmarsson. He doesn't put up tons of points, but I personally think he is one of the best defensemen that the Hawks have. He always gets his body in the way of shots and grinds hard. Hjalmarsson is a keeper. I would even say that the Hawks should resign Eager and Fraser, simply because they are pretty reliable members of the fourth line. Also, with Eager, they should keep him simply because he does have the elusively deceptive speed, and if anybody ever tries to get hard with Kaner, Eager will be all over that boy. Niemi should get resigned simply because he is a good backup thus far, and is quite possibly the future for the Blackhawks as a goalie when Huet leaves. Hendry, I'm not so sure personally. I haven't seen him play enough. Ladd, I don't know either. He has 7 goals thus far. I think he's a solid player, but I'm not sure I would be heartbroken if they didn't resign him, especially if he's going to want a lot of money. I think they should resign Eager too, simply because he is a pretty decent member of the fourth line, and if anybody ever tries to get hard with Kaner, Eager will be all over that boy.

For unrestricted, Madden, I think you should give him an offer. He has proven to be a huge edition to the Hawks this year. He's a veteran and grinds. I like Madden a lot. Burish, I don't care much for. He hasn't played all season. Get rid of him.

Now, looking forward, for 2011-2012, both Bfuglyien and Brouwer are restricted free agents. I think the Hawks are going to have to make a choice here, and I think it would be better for Brouwer to stay with the Hawks rather than Bfuglyien. Brouwer could do everything that Bfuglyien can and not lead the team in penalty minutes. I like Bfuglyien, but between him and Brouwer, Brouwer is the better choice. Kopecky will be unrestricted then. I like Kopecky. I think you give him an offer, depending on how cheap he is going to come.

Seabrook is a restricted free agent for 2011-2012. I would not want to get rid of Seabrook. I think the Hawks should tie him up for a few more years after that too. He is a real, real solid player.

Sopel is an unrestricted free agent for the 2011-2012 season. Get rid of him. Don't even make him an offer. He skates with a hunchback. Definitely one of the weakest players on the Hawks.

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Yes. They have an excellent young batch of players that will surely improve with time. Hawks will soon be able to reach the stanley cup finals. Unlike most of the other teams.
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