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When the whalers joined the WHA in 1972 they were called the new england whalers. they also used the boston garden for there home ice from 1972 thru 1974. they shared the garden with the boston bruins of the national hockey league.the hartford civic center opened in 1975 but in 1978 the civic centers roof collasped because of heavy snow. the whalers had to use the springfield civic center while the hartford civic center was rebuilt and 1979 the WHA merged with the NHL bringing in 4 teams,quebec,edmonton,hartford,and winnipeg.they changed there name from new england to the hartford whalers.they moved back into the renovated hartford civic center during the teams first season in the NHL 1979-80 and stayed there until the team left for carolina in 1997.
the arenas capacity for hockey is 15,635. today the arena is still being used by the hartford wolfpack.the civic center is located inside a mall so after a hockey game you can go shopping if you want to.
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