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Hall misses $1 million grand prize by one

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12/27/2006 11:30:57 PM

Five lucky hockey fans, including 29-year-old Jason Hall, guaranteed themselves a happy New Year, as they each took home a brand new 2007 Next Generation Chevy Silverado as part of the inaugural Chevy Silverado Million Dollar Shootout contest on TSN.

The five trucks, valued at a total of $200,000, were given away tonight, live on TSN during the first intermission of the Calgary at Vancouver game.

Hall, a 6'2'', 220 lb. Registered Nurse from London, ON, was joined by two friends - Mason Ward and Gord Cameron - at centre ice at GM Place. The trio scored a combined 21 goals, 6 more than the required 15, into an open net, each winning a Chevy Silverado.

In addition, visitor Brent Hunniford of Woodstock, ON, and Richard Swift of Maple Ridge, B.C., also won brand new Chevy Silverado trucks as the selected on-line and in-game participants, respectively, for a total of 5 Chevy trucks given away tonight.

Hall also had the chance to shoot for $1 million. Hall scored 14 goals into an open net from the far blue line in 24 seconds - just 1 goal short of the required 15 to win the grand prize $1 million in a windfall one-time payout.

''It feels great just knowing I've helped people during the holiday season,'' said Hall. ''The Silverado will definitely come in handy with the winter we've had in London. This whole experience has been unbelievable.''

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That sucks period.

But he won a Truck that is good, Great job Hall

-hey Hall, join HockeyForum :D
No I am his best friend :D
Well what he told you was a LIE :D
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