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Halifax cheers Crosby in loss to Sens

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Canadian Press
9/19/2006 10:30:25 PM

HALIFAX (CP) - For years, Sidney Crosby and Stephen Dixon battled each other as the two best minor hockey players in these parts.

On Tuesday night, they teamed up for a losing yet memorable return to their hometown.

Crosby and Dixon scored both Pittsburgh goals as the Penguins lost 5-2 to the Ottawa Senators in a pre-season NHL game at the Halifax Metro Centre.

Crosby also assisted on Dixon's marker as the two Nova Scotians made their local debuts as professionals.

''To be able to play here was a great opportunity for me and the other guys from here,'' Crosby said. ''To be able to get one and have Dixon get one was nice.''

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Colby Armstrong actually said something funny about Crosby. Sidney gained 3lbs in muscle over the summer and Armstrong said this " His butt and legs are huge....... hes a freak" I thought it was funny, not sure about anyone else though:laugh:
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