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Habs Vs Canes First Round ?

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We got the Canes first round oh yay , don't like our chances seeing in 4 games this year canes out scored us 26- 9 brutal , but then again play off is a different season all together , different style of hockey .. so lets go Habs!!!!!!!!!!!:D
1 - 13 of 13 Posts uhh...Koivu, thanks for the descriptive languge etc...

And sorry to see you go, anyways....

Habs actually can take this if they want it bad enough. Fast goals..early.

and Koivu, Kovalev need to be stellar...and they can be. I feel they are a couple of the potentially most dangerous goal scorres in th league when given the chance.

Habs in 7.
The Montreal Canadiens love me!


I've been to Wendel's house.
Nice guy!

gO hABS, bABY!
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crap, i wanted the habs to win so bad! Sigh...
Adama0905 said:
crap, i wanted the habs to win so bad! Sigh...

It was funny to read this whole thread then to cme to your post. :laugh:
LOL! aww admin! he must really be a habs fan in disguise! :-O
Well, it's not really in disguise...I am a big habs fan.
then what is with the avs avatar?
Well, because when picking out of the two teams...I gotta go with the Avs.
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