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The rules at are designed to ensure the best possible experience for all. The rules are subject to change or revision without notice.

1. No spam via post or private message.

Spam includes but is not limited to:

Product or service offerings from a business or organization.
Products or services using pyramid scheme.

2. If the topic does not relate to Hockey in general, please post it in the "Off-Topic" forum.

3. No pornography/censored photo postings are allowed in public forums.

4. Please register only ONCE, if you would like to change your login information please contact Forum Administrators.

5. Forum Administrators/Moderators have the rights to modify/delete/move inappropriate forum postings without notice.

6. Forum Administrators/Moderators have the rights to modify/ban/remove forum members' information without notice.

7. Use the appropriate language.

8. No double-post or cross-post is allowed.


10. Ideas and opinions may be challenged, but NO personal attacks.

11. Neither members nor Moderators may flame - a warning will be given and penalty will be served.

12. Watch your action, or you will be given a warning, failing to obey will result of a temporary ban.

13. No solicitation of any business or commercial websites are allowed except for official supporting vendors.

14. Everyone (including Guests, Registered Users, Moderators & Supporting Vendors) must obey the above rules unless mentioned otherwise.


You may post here if you have:

1. - Respect for fellow Members is of utmost importance here. You must agree to treat others with basic courtesy at all times. respectfully expect that all members conduct themselves in a manner that promotes a variety of races, nationalities, creeds, religions and sexes with the focus on total respect of each member of our community. Personal attacks will not be tolerated, terms such as “stupid, homer, idiot, moron” and the like will never be tolerated. Continual harassment and or “baiting” of a member of the community, they’re favorite team or player and or members of the staff will also result in the above mentioned actions. and offenders may be permanently banned from this web site.

General Forum rules

1. - Posts should be made in the relevant forum. Please read the forum descriptions before posting. Moderators will move threads to the correct forum when necessary.

2.- Please do not cross-post or double-post topics... i.e. starting a thread that already exists elsewhere. Duplicate threads will be closed.

3. - Members should realize this board is open to a general audience. The posting of profane, pornographic, or any other generally offensive material is strictly prohibited.

4. - Members linking to or asking for information on The posting of specific information relating to how and where to obtain illegal activities is a violation of the Board Guidelines. This most directly relates to issues such as illegal file sharing and illicit drug use. Posts will be removed.

5.- Members are asked to respect the bandwidth of other sites. Inline (
) image tags linking to other sites without permission may be removed. When you quote text from another web site, use the quote tags and please post the source of the text and/or a courtesy link back to the source.

Remember fair use of quoted text means no full articles will be allowed. Moderators will edit the post and ask you to repost the article in lesser length along with your comments.

Follow the example bellow:


CHICAGO -- Sid the Kid will play every team in the NHL next season.
The league's current schedule format will be history after this season, the NHL's board of governors finally agreeing that change was needed yesterday. "I think it's clear that there will be a change," NHL commissioner Gary Bettman said after the four-hour meeting with owners. - Hockey - NHL finds new balance

6. - Members should post text in a normal and readable fashion. Moderators may adjust any post at their discretion regarding this rule.

7.- Members who post for the sole reason of being disruptive (as determined by the Moderators) may be subject to an immediate ban.

8. If a moderator edits a post by a poster and that poster edits back over the moderators words, this will result in banning of that poster. The moderators are asked by management to enforce policy of the site. If you feel that the moderator has abused his or her power do not take matters into your own hands. Contact one of the administrators as an arbitrator.


1. - Signatures guidelines: 500 characters maximum; No images taller than 150 pixels and wider then 450 pixels, only 2 images allowed.. No advertising allowed in signature images. Animated signatures are allowed, however nothing too outrageous.

2. - Signature text should not be not be distracting by its size or color. (Text size limit = 4)

3. - Moderators will adjust or remove signatures as needed.


1a - Users are permitted to upload their avatar, or use a remote image.

2. - Remote avatars are subject to previous rules on misuse of bandwidth.

3. - Avatars guidelines: 144 by 168 pixels and or 561.5 KB; Animated are ok but nothing outrageous.

4. - Moderators will adjust or remove avatars as needed.

Advertising, Marketing & Spam

1.- You may not use these forums to advertise your products, services, web sites, or otherwise solicit business or web traffic from the membership as a whole. Spam will be removed. This rule applies everywhere within Hockeyforum, including the private message system.

2. - Links to your web site(s) are permitted in signatures. They should be of normal text size and may not contain, precede, or follow any additional marketing language.

3. Regular posters in good standing with will be allowed to talk about their website once in a while. Spamming a number of forums with this topic or only talking about their website will result in banning.


1.Disciplinary actions – While would love for all of its members to adhere to the Board Guidelines we know that some members willingly will not follow the rules, with that here are the terms of disciplinary actions:

A. Warning - for the first offense of any of the board guidelines
B. 3-day suspension on the second occurrence of failing to comply with Board Guidelines.
C. 10-day suspension on the third occurrence for failing to comply with Board Guidelines.

2.- Members will be either warned or banned when found in violation of the rules. Bans can be temporary or permanent. Members will normally receive several warnings prior to earning a ban, but in some cases a ban may be applied without warning.

3. - Every rule is enforced at the judgement of the Moderators. Moderators' decisions are final.

4. - Arguing with Moderators in the open forums is strictly prohibited. Members who wish to question a Moderator must use the private message system.

5. - A Member who attempts to re-gain access to this web site while under temporary ban, will automatically incur a permanent ban.

6. - Some permanent bans can be recinded if certain requirements are made. PM an admin for more information on this.

We reserve the right to edit, move or remove any content from these forums at any time for any reason without notice or liability. We reserve the right to ban or revoke privleges of any member at any time without notice or liability.

Go have fun, The moderating squad.
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