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Newark, NJ (Sports Network) - NHL legend and current Phoenix Coyotes head coach and managing partner Wayne Gretzky has reportedly been caught on state wiretaps talking about Coyotes associate coach Rick Tocchet's alleged gambling ring.

The Newark Star-Ledger reported on Thursday that law enforcement sources told the newspaper that Gretzky knew about Tocchet's gambling operation but that there is no evidence that Gretzky made any wagers.

Gretzky's wife, Janet Jones, is allegedly among those gamblers who placed bets with the ring that exceeded a total of $1.7 million on professional and collegiate sporting events during a 40-day period.

The sources also told the newspaper that authorities are considering issuing a subpoena to Gretzky that would order him to testify before a state grand jury.

Gretzky had denied on Tuesday that he had any knowledge of the allegations against Tocchet until his associate coach called him on Monday.

On Tuesday, Tocchet was identified by the New Jersey State Police and attorney general Zulima Farber as being the alleged partner and financier of veteran New Jersey State Trooper James Harney, who was arrested and charged with official misconduct, promoting gambling, money laundering and conspiracy.

Tocchet, also a veteran NHL player, is expected to answer to similar charges.

He has since been granted a leave of absence from the NHL, and must immediately cease all contact and communication with all league and club personnel for the duration of his departure. The leave of absence will not end without commissioner Gary Bettman's consent and Bettman can modify the terms of the leave at any time.

02/09 13:28:01 ET
We were talking about this at my house when i heard about his wife being involved.. i said i believe they had he had knowledge and may have even taken part... but my father went on about how gretzky would never do that.. and i dont know why the great one would, but i think hes been involved..

Sucks, that guy was like a super hero to hockey, i sure hope he stays clear.
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