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Graphics Request Rules

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Since I've seen some posters request custom graphics made for them when they're brand new and haven't really become involved in the Hockey Forum community, I've felt that it's time to implement some sort of rule system for such requests.

The rules:
  • You must have atleast 50 posts in order to make a request.
  • Wait 4 weeks* before you make another request.
  • Request one graphic at a time. Do not request two signature banners, an avatar and a website header at the same time. If you are requesting a banner you can ask that they crop out an avatar as well.
  • Feel free to bump a request after a week passes if it received no attempts. If an additional week passes after you bump it and there are no attempts, then you are able to make a new request in a new thread. If you have at least one attempt then no bumping is permitted.
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Nice set of rules.
Hey guys, I'm getting rid of the Template, the other rules still apply though.

And please provide as much information as possible.
Trying to download my signature image

Hi Vice,

I have purchased the premium membership so I can add an image for my signature but every time I try it doesn't work. The image is a GIF file format and the size requirements are below. Any thoughts????
Try hosting it elsewhere (ie. and using the tags in your signature.

The issue might be because the boards have been going through upgrades recently.
First thank you for your assistance. I have tried your recommendation but for some reason no success. Do you know what URL to use, there are 4 options.

Forum Code?
Alt Forum Code?
Forum Thumbnail?
Alt form Thumbnail?
Sensitive content, not recommended for those under 18
Use the Direct Link. So it looks like this:

See less See more
HUH!!!! Not working.. Some thing Stinks in Siberia??? Thanks again maybe I ll try tomorrow.
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