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Gino Reda
1/30/2007 8:01:28 PM

A minus to those who betrayed public trust and allowed the historic Maple Leaf Gardens to go from shrine to shambles. Dead rats lying in the halls, a disgusting mess in the kitchens, garbage everywhere, old record books and historic documents left behind like trash, seats that once commanded hundreds of dollars as treasured souvenirs, now lay abandoned and strewn throughout the forgotten building.

A plus to Penguins coach Michel Therrien, who clearly has his priorities in order. With their Dads in the stands for a Father's weekend, Jocelyn Thibualt, winless in six weeks, and Ron Petrovicky, a healthy scratch for six straight games, were both inserted into the lineup. Petrovicky, whose father came all the way from Slovakia, had a goal and an assist and Thibualt made 22 saves, earning the win.

A minus to the Thrashers, who've either got really bad timing or a case of stage fright. They've only had five home sellouts all season, and with Sunday's defeat to the Flyers, they've now lost all five.

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