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GDT: Team Russia vs Team Sweden

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The winner of this game will play against Canada on friday for the GOLD MEDAL!!


Team Russia


Nikita Bespalov
Ilya Proskuryakov
Semen Varlamov


Yuri Alexandrov
Vitali Anikeenko
Viacheslav Buravchikov
Alexander Loginov
Denis Osipov
Evgeny Ryasenskiy
Pavel Valentenko
Vyatcheslav Voynov
Andrey Zubarev


Artem Anisimov
Aleksandr Bumagin
Alexey Cherepanov
Gennady Churilov
Anton Glovatskiy
Mikhail Glukhov
Denis Istomin
Andrey Kiryukhin
Anton Krysanov
Alexander Kucheryavenko
Igor Makarov
Egor Milovzorov
Igor Musatov
Vadim Shipachev
Alexey Shvalev
Alexander Vasyunov
Ilya Zubov
Dmitry Zyuzin

Team Sweden


Jhonas Enroth
Joel Gistedt
Mattias Modig
Johan Thalberg


Jonas Ahnelov
Niclas Andersen
Alexander Hellstrom
Niklas Hjalmarsson
Jonas Junland
Linus Morin
Patrik Nevalainen
Daniel Rahimi
Alexander Ribbenstrand


Niklas Backstrom
Nicklas Bergfors
Patrik Berglund
Andreas Engqvist
Robin Figren
Patric Hornqvist
Magnus Isaksson
Martin Johansson
Robin Lindqvist
Andreas Molinder
Linus Omark
Fredrik Pettersson
Mattias Ritola
Alexander Sundstrom
Andreas Turesson
Tom Wandell
Patrik Zackrisson

**Rosters unoffical**
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Niklas Hjalmarsson scores for Sweden on the powerplay 4-2 Russia.
will the Swedes come back? 8 minutes remaining
Team Russia penalty to Alexander Vasyunov for slashing at 12:46.
Canuck said:
will the Swedes come back? 8 minutes remaining
I don't think so the Russians have dominated the majority of the game. And on this current powerplay the Swedes havent done anything.
Sweden has pulled their goalie with less then 1 minute left
Sweden will lose
For the 3rd straight year it is Canada vs Russia for the gold medal game!!!
Russia wins this game 4-2.

1st period Summary:


9:00 - Jonas Junland (Nicklas Backstrom)PP
16:49 - Igor Makarov ( Vitali Anikeyenko, Andrei Zubarev)
18:18 - Alexei Cherepanov (Alexander Bumagin, Vyacheslav Buravchikov )PP


3:53 - Alexander Bumagin 2 minutes for checking of the head and neck area
3:53 - Alexander Bumagin 10 minute misconduct.
8:07 - Andrei Kiryukhin 2 minutes for hooking.
9:17 - Pavel Valentenko 2 minutes for high sticking.
12:07 - Alexander Sundstrom 2 minutes for hooking.
17:35 - Andreas Molinder 2 minutes for holding.

Shots on goal:
Sweden - 7
Russia - 8


2nd period summary:


4:16 - Artem Anisimov ( Igor Makarov)


:48 - Gennadi Churilov 2minutes for interference.
5:43 - Jonas Junland 2 minutes for holding.
18:07 - Evgeny Ryasenskiy 2 minutes for roughing.

Shots on goal(unoffical):

Sweden - 2
Russia - 10


3rd period summary:


3:56 - Alexander Kasyanov ( Igor Makarov)
10:54 - Niklas Hjalmarsson (Nicklas Backstrom) PP


:40 - Patrik Zackrisson 2 minutes for high sticking.
1:55 - Niklas Hjalmarsson 2 minutes for delay of game.
9:25 - Evgeny Ryasenskiy 2 minutes for tripping.
12:46 - Alexander Vasyunov 2 minutes for slashing.

Shots on goal:
Russia - 25
Sweden - 15

I will have GDT for both the bronze and gold medal games on friday. Anyone watching them feel free to join in!!
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Ill definetly be there. Ill join the GDT for most likely both gbames
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