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GDT: Team Russia vs Team Canada *Gold Medal Game!*

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This is the gold medal match up between Canada and Russia.
Should be a VERY good game, Pre-game starts at 12:30pm EST on TSN. Anyone watching this game feel free to join in on the game thread!


Team Canada


1 Carey Price
31 Leland Irving


3 Karl Alzner
4 Ryan Parent
5 Kristopher Letang
6 Luc Bourdon
10 Kris Russell
14 Marc Staal
26 Cody Franson


7 Steve Downie
9 Andrew Cogliano
11 Marc-André Cliche
12 Kenndal McArdle
15 Darren Helm
17 Brad Marchand
19 James Neal
20 Bryan Little
22 Daniel Bertram
23 Ryan O'Marra
27 Tom Pyatt
29 Jonathan Toews
38 Sam Gagner

Team Russia


Nikita Bespalov
Ilya Proskuryakov
Semen Varlamov


Yuri Alexandrov
Vitali Anikeenko
Viacheslav Buravchikov
Alexander Loginov
Denis Osipov
Evgeny Ryasenskiy
Pavel Valentenko
Vyatcheslav Voynov
Andrey Zubarev


Artem Anisimov
Aleksandr Bumagin
Alexey Cherepanov
Gennady Churilov
Anton Glovatskiy
Mikhail Glukhov
Denis Istomin
Andrey Kiryukhin
Anton Krysanov
Alexander Kucheryavenko
Igor Makarov
Egor Milovzorov
Igor Musatov
Vadim Shipachev
Alexey Shvalev
Alexander Vasyunov
Ilya Zubov
Dmitry Zyuzin

*Russia's roster unofficial*

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Canada still leading 4-2, but have taken WAY to many penalties I thought with them only getting 1 minor penalty in the 1st period they became more disciplined .

Only 20 minutes left. Lets keep this lead!! Go Canada GO
I say they get 5-8 penalties in this period
3rd period underway LETS GO CANADA!!!!!!!

Stay out of the box please!!!!!!!!!
Sabres Fan said:
I say they get 5-8 penalties in this period
are you watchin the game???
Team Russia penalty to Evgeny Ryasenskiy for interference at 2:33
Team Russia penalty to Aleksandr Bumagin for hooking at 2:50
Way to go Price!!!!!!!!! Nice save.
Canuck said:
are you watchin the game???
NO, I dont get TSN
Team Canada penalty to Darren Helm for holding at 7:34
There is #1 for Canada
Team Canada penalty to Bryan Little for checking to the head at 11:23. Plus a 10 minute misconduct
Common Canada! I work at 4 but im going to show up late (Im a great employee arent I? lol) but I hope the game just keeps playing through, so im not that late for work lol
(Im a great employee arent I? lol)
I dont know about that :D j/k lol]

Canada penalty #2
Team Canada penalty to Marc Staal for tripping 18:12.
Russia has pulled their goalie.
here is the 3rd period summary I have already started.

3rd period Summary:


2:33 - Evgeny Ryasenskiy 2 minutes for interference.
2:50 - Aleksandr Bumagin 2 minutes for hooking.
7:34 - Darren Helm 2 minutes for holding.
11:23 - Bryan Little 2 minutes for checking to the head.
11:23 - Bryan Little 10 minute misconduct.
18:12 - Marc Staal 2 minutes for tripping.

I will not be able to finish it if anything else happens since I will hvae to RUN to the car to get to work so if anyone wants to finish it be my guest.
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TEAM CANADA HAS WON THE GOLD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 3 YEARS IN A ROW!!!!!

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