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GDT: Montreal Canadiens @ Ottawa Senators; 7:30 PM ET- RDS, SNETE

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Latendresse - Plekanec - Kovalev
Johnson - Bonk - Streit
Perezhogin - Lapierre - Downey

Souray - Rivet
Bouillon - Dandenault
Streit - Komisarek

*Cristobal Huet*

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Big game tonight. Habs really need this win.

Samsonov won't be playing. I really don't know what's going on. I thought all was good with Samsonov and Carbo and now Carbo doesn't play him? He probably would have played good tonight...
1-0 Ottawa. Phillips

Huet made an awesome save in the 1st, 3 0n 1 I think?

Come out hard in the 2nd Habbies!!

GODDDDD!!! I cannot believe this. I don't understand why the 1st line can't score any goals, it's getting pathetic. Koivu is one of my favorite players and I have a lot of respect for him but if he is the captain of the MONTREAL CANADIENS he needs to start playing for the CH on the front of his jersey and play with pride. It's up to Koivu to get the guys going and right now he isn't doing that.
1 - 4 of 5 Posts
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