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Losing 7 straight games, including their last being a 5-1 blowout at the hands of the Detroit Red Wings, the Toronto Maple Leafs return home to try and turn their fortunes around when they face the struggling Tampa Bay Lighting on Tuesday night. (7:00PMEt start)

The Maple Leafs undisciplined play on Saturday night cost them, as Detroit scored all 5 of their goals on the 14 Powerplays Toronto provided for them. After the game, Michael Peca called for more discipline by the team.

Mike Peca said:
"Obviously you give up five power-play goals, you've been in the box too much."
Bryan McCabe had the only goal on the night for the Leafs. Andrew Raycroft was pulled by Toronto after allowing 4 goals on 18 shots, and J.S. Aubin came in relief of the netminder, who seems to be having a hard tiem dealing with the many mishaps in Toronto's zone. However, the Raycroft will make no excuses.

Andrew Raycroft said:
"We can't feel sorry for ourselves. No one in this country will feel sorry for us. ...

We know we have the team in here. A few weeks ago everything was great. We just have to get back to what we were doing ... One of these games we're going to come out and look like the '80s Oilers."
Paul Maurice held back from mentioning any names, but didn't give a secind thought on admitting to there being any passengers on the team that have been dragging it down during it's losing streak.

Paul Maurice said:
"I'm not going to throw anybody under the bus. I'll make my points directly to them, they don't have to read it in the paper or turn on the TV to find out who I'm not happy with."
Related Topic:

Andrew Raycroft is 11-10-3 in 24 games, and holds a 3.02 Goals Against Average and .897 Save percentage.

Darcy Tucker continues to lead the team in Goals with 17 (League leading 12 on the powerplay) and Points with 26 in 32 games played.

The Leafs are 13-13-5 through 31 games for 4th in their Division (1 point ahead of last place Boston) and 11th in the Eastern Conference.

J.S. Aubin is expected to start in goal for Toronto tonight, as Andrew Raycroft has lsot all of his last 6 starts.

Tampa Bay Lightning has also been struggling as of late. After wining 3 in a row, the Lightining have now lost 5 of their last 6 games. Their 1 win includes an 8-0 blowout of the Atlanta Thrashers, where goaltender Marc Denis, who was losing his starting role to Johan Holmqvist, gave one of his few solid performances of the season.

Their last game was a 4-3 loss to Anaheim.

Martin St. Louis has seemed to have found his game again, as he and Vincent Lecavalier both lead the team in Goals with Goals with 17, and St. Louis leads the team in Assists with 22, and Points with 39.

Johan Holmqvist may get the start tonight in Toronto. His Goals Against Average of 2.89 and Save Percentage of .898 are currently the best out of all the goalies on the team.

Holmqvist is 8-5-0 through 14 games.

Tampa Bay is 14-14-2 through 30 games forr 13th in the Eastern Conference, and 4th in their division.

The meeting will be the 3rd between the two clubs who are both trying to avoid falling below .500.

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Tampa is always a team that scares me because of what they can do if everything clicks (see the Thrashers beatdown).

I think the Leafs can snap this skid tonight but I also have thought that three or four times in the last two weeks.

If they can't do it tonight at home, then I have no idea when this streak will end.

PS, I'm going to see if I can be on during the game to discuss it in this thread so if anyone wants to join me feel free, if not then stop by to say hi.
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