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Watch The Hunger Games Catching Fire Online Is it okay to ask people to shove down to open up seats next to each other if the theater is almost completely full? Stephanie from Geneva, New York. It’s funny you should ask that, as I experienced that very pickle last night when my husband and I were going to see The Hunger Games: Catching Fire. Usually, arriving at the theater a half an hour early is more than enough time to get a good seat at our local theater, especially if it’s a later showing. We were seeing the film at eleven at night, and there were numerous other showings earlier that evening, so we figured getting to the theater by 10:30 p.m. would be more than enough time to get a decent seat. Apparently not. We arrived as a massive line of people were filing into the theater, and when we finally made our way in, we found that there weren’t any two-seat options in the upper rows of the theater. The first two rows down in front were mostly empty, but the upper rows were packed, with a few single seats scattered about. Here were our options.

Watch The Hunger Games 2 Online The above strategy should only be practiced if the movie has not started yet. It’s more of a gray area if the lights have dimmed and the previews have started, but if the lights are out and the movie’s playing, do not engage. Next time get to the theater earlier or go to #2 on this list.

Watch One Direction This is Us Online If you wanted to get into the background of the Oldboy story, you're better off just watching Park Chan-wook's masterful original. You should just do that anyway. But for a comic prequel take on the film, head over to the upcoming film's Tumblr page, where you can read it as they release the pages. Here's one of the covers below.

Watch The Counselor Online Oldboy is set to keep viewers hostage when it is released on Wednesday, November 27th. Will you risk your life and eyeballs to watch it? Let us know in the comments and check out the completely harmless green-band trailer below. Every weekend, Cinema Blend answers one reader question. Last week, we argued over whether or not it’s okay to make out at the movies, and this week, as The Hunger Games sequel catches fire in theaters all over the country, we’re talking about the packed-theater conundrum. If you have a question related to movies, whether it be theater etiquette or about one or more completed films, fire off an email to [email protected] for consideration in future editions of Ask CB.

Watch Don Jon Online Anyway, gamers have quietly banded together, maintaining the problem on the down-low like Leonardo Dicaprio. Neogaf has an continuous line about having the pockets, Neowin has a small line about the techniques, AV Boards and VG Chartz also joined the arena, and of course, there's still Keep The Wallet where gamers, well, keep the pockets. While this problem hasn't provided up – and given the quantity of times we see it and how its utilized so often – most gamers will keep their anger included and simply not buy the headline. Whether or not term propagates enough about these problems to impact revenue stay to be seen, but given the unattractive evaluation ratings and deficiency of inveigles by the Doritocracy for companies Ryse, I question it'll take much to container revenue for that activity.

Watch Captain Phillips Online There was a latest content over on where Rectangle Enix's CEO of US and European countries studio room features, Phil Rogers, indicated that gamers are beginning to see through games developed as a support and interesting software headings where their features are easy-to-open on obsessive crushes that goad gamers into buying the cash store to accelerate the process. This method comes across as extremely smug technique for games like Ryse, where the primary tale hardly lamps in at five time and yet there's a pay-to-win auto mechanic to help you get through that five time experience. I mean, who is the experience developed for where you need to pay to open up personality improvement in a five time game?

Watch The Conjuring Online When Gary Ross’ The Hunger Games was released in March of last year it became an instant phenomenon. Adapted from a best-selling book series and starring Hollywood’s newest and biggest star in Jennifer Lawrence, the film broke opening weekend records with a $152 million take, and by the end of its run it had taken in nearly $700 million globally. But not only did fans and movie-goers like the movie, critics gave it high praise as well, our own Katey Rich calling it a "masterful translation." As a franchise, the series began with a bang – but one has to wonder if that success can be continued with the first sequel, The Hunger Games: Catching Fire.

Watch Cloudy 2 Online Scripted by Simon Beaufoy, Michael deBruyn, and Scott Frank and directed by Francis Lawrence, the new film begins as Katniss Everdeen (Jennifer Lawrence) and her fellow Hunger Games champion Peeta Mellark (Josh Hutcherson) get ready to embark on the Victory Tour that will lead them through all of the districts of Panem. This is quite troubling to President Snow (Donald Sutherland), who realizes that Katniss is starting to be seen as a public figure who is inspiring ideas of revolution. In order to try and silence the iconoclast and her followers, it’s announced that for the special 75th annual Hunger Games all of the tributes will be former champions.

Watch Gravity Online The factor is, most gamers identify that these in-app buys aren't “required” or “necessary” for the game playing experience, but a lot of gamers aren't entirely attached to the fact that these mobile-phone style financial techniques are gradually encroaching on the $60 retail store design. Jim Sterling properly marked it as the fee-to-play program, since you're still placing down $60 but there's always that constant design defect where the experience seems just grindy enough where a quick microtransaction purchase seems ever-so-tempting.

Most significantly, though, the experience is a terrible of a lot of fun to perform. Rather than just punch some new themes onto the Mortal Kombat motor, NetherRealm instead developed a whole new program for the DC throw, integrating their exclusive capabilities, penalising Extremely Goes, multi-tiered levels, interesting surroundings and a Conflict program that allows gamers to bet some of their power bar in order to put the harm on an challenger. The strikes are meaty, the activity is intense and, in common, it does a amazing job of creating the gamer experience like they are managing uuber-powerful people that could split a building apart with their simple arms.
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