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It's true. They don't care, and they don't seem to care if eveyone knows it.

The Leafs were like this the last few years. They've made a bit of a splash this year, but they still haven't done nearly enough to make me believe that they're only goal is to make the playoffs and that it.

To me, the Leafs have been only about the money for year, so even with landing Kubina, I'm still sceptical of this team and their commitment to winning.

They still need a top line LW, a top 6 winger, and a 2nd line centerman to even have a chance at competing at the Cup. I'll be watching this year to see whether or not they'll actually finish the team, but I they've given me right to continuing to doubt that will happen.

They'll likely make the playoffs with unfilled holes once more, then get the media to tag them as a "Cup Contender". :rolleyes: It's typical of them.
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