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Orca Bay

John E. McCaw Jr. - Chairman and Governor, NHL

Francesco Aquilini - Deputy Chairman and Alternate Governor, NHL


Jon Festinger - Executive Vice-President, Business - Orca Bay Sports & Entertainment

Harvey Jones - VP & General Manager, Arena Operations, Orca Bay Sports & Entertainment

Victor de Bonis - Vice President, Finance & Chief Financial Officer, Orca Bay Sports & Entertainment

James Conrad - General Counsel, Orca Bay Sports & Entertainment

Susanne Haine - VP, People Development, Orca Bay Sports & Entertainment

Chris Hebb - VP, Broadcast & New Media, Orca Bay Sports & Entertainment

Caley Denton - VP, Customer Sales & Service, Orca Bay Sports & Entertainment


David Nonis - Senior Vice-President, General Manager

Steve Tambellini - Vice President and Assistant General Manager

Lorne Henning - Director of Player Personnel

Alain Vigneault - Head Coach

Rick Bowness - Assistant Coach

Mike Kelly - Assistant Coach

Barry Smith - Assistant Coach

Stan Smyl - Director, Player Development

Ron Delorme - Amateur Scout

Ian Clark - Goaltending Consultant

Roger Takahashi - Strength & Conditioning Coach

Scott Arniel - Head Coach - Manitoba Moose

Brad Berry - Assistant Coach - Manitoba Moose

Mike Burnstein - Medical Trainer

Jon Sanderson - Assistant Medical Trainer

Marty Dudgeon - Assistant Medical Trainer

Pat O'Neill - Equipment Manager

Jamie Hendricks - Assistant Equipment Manager

Brian Hamilton - Assistant Equipment Manager

Dr. Rui Avelar - Team Doctor

Dr. Bill Regan - Team Doctor

Dr. Mike Wilkinson - Team Doctor

Dr. David Lawson - Team Dentist

Dr. Sid Sheard - Team Chiropractor

Dr. Alan R. Boyco - Team Optometrist
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