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Bob Naegele, Jr.

Jac Sperling

John Thomas

Rick Pepin

Gage Hockey Ventures, LLC (Edwin Gage, Barbara Gage, Geoffrey Gage, Scott Gage, Rick Gage) - Investor

Trisha and Greg Hoyt - Investor

Hubbard Broadcasting, Inc. - Investor

Horace Irvine III - Investor

Bob Naegele, Jr. - Investor

Bob Naegele III - Investor

Glen Nelson - Investor

Dick Nicholson - Investor

Ford Nicholson - Investor

Todd Nicholson - Investor

Vance Opperman - Investor

Mike Reilly - Investor

Jac Sperling - Investor

John Thomas - Investor

Jill and John Trautz - Investor


Robert O. Naegele Jr. - Chairman

Jac Sperling - Vice Chairman

Doug Risebrough - President & General Manager

Pamela Wheelock - Executive Vice President, Chief Financial Officer

Matt Majka - Executive Vice President

Steve Griggs - Vice President, Sales and Service

Jim Ibister - Vice President/General Manager of RiverCentre

Jack Larson - Vice President/General Manager of Xcel Energy Center

Mike Reeves - Vice President of Administration

Bill Robertson - Vice President of Communications & Broadcasting

Stephanie Huseby - Executive Assistant to Executive Vice President and Chief Financial Officer

Laura Kinzel - Executive Assistant to Hockey Operations


Tom Lynn - Assistant General Manager/Hockey Operations

Tom Thompson - Assistant General Manager/Player Personnel

Blair Mackasey - Director of Professional Scouting

Jacques Lemaire - Head Coach

Mike Ramsey - Assistant Coach

Mario Tremblay - Assistant Coach

Bob Mason - Goaltending Coach

Ian Andersen - Video Consultant

Kirk Olson - Director of Strength and Conditioning

Guy Lapointe - Coordinator of Amatuer Scouting

Barry MacKenzie - Coordinator of Player Development

Paul Charles - Amateur Scout

Marc Chamard - Amateur Scout

Christopher Hamel - Amateur Scout

Glen Sonmor - Amateur Scout

Ernie Vargas - Amateur Scout

Doug Mosher - Amateur Scout

Darryl Porter - Amateur Scout

Frank Effinger - Pro Scout

Thomas Steen - Pro Scout

Matti Vaisanen - European Scout

Branislav Gaborik - European Scout

Ken Hoodikoff - European Scout

Jiri Koluch - European Scout

Don Fuller- Head Athletic Therapist

Tony DaCosta - Head Equipment Manager

Mike Vogt - Assistant Athletic Trainer

Brent Proulx - Assistant Equipment Manager

Matt Benz - Assistant Equipment Manager

Cindy Sweiger - Hockey Operations Administrator

Dr. Sheldon Burns - Medical Director

Dr. Joel Boyd - Orthopedic Surgeon

Dr. Michael Nanne - Team Dentist

Carrie Peterson - Nutritionist
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