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Philip F. Anschutz

Edward P. Roski Jr.


Timothy J. Leiweke - Governor

Shawn Hunter - President, Business Operations


Dean Lombardi - President/General Manager

Ron Hextall - Assistant General Manager

Mike O'Connell - Director of Pro Development

Dave Taylor - Director of Amateur Development

Al Murray - Director, Amateur Scouting

Marshall Dickerson - Director of Operations

Grant Sonier - Assistant Director, Amateur Scouting

Lee Callans - Scouting Coordinator

Kely Lyon - Executive Assistant, President/General Manager

Rogie Vachon - Royal Administrator

Marc Crawford - Head Coach

Mike Johnson - Associate Coach

Jamie Kompon - Assistant Coach

Nelson Emerson - Assistant Coach/Player Development

Bill Ranford - Goaltending Coach

Bob Berry - Pro Scout

Rob Laird - Pro Scout

Tony Gasparini - Amateur Scout

Terry McDonnell - Amateur Scout

Brent McEwen - Amateur Scout

Jan Vopat - Amateur Scout

Ari Vuori - Amateur Scout

Bob Crocker - Amateur Scout

Mike Donnelly - Amateur Scout

Viacheslav Golovin - Amateur Scout

Victor Tjumenev - Amateur Scout

T.B.A. - Athletic Trainer

T.B.A. - Assistant Athletic Trainer

T.B.A. - Rehabillitation Trainer

Mike Kadar - Strength and Conditioning Trainer

Dr. Ronald Kvitne (Kerlan-Jobe Orthopaedic Clinic) - Team Physician

Dr. Michael Mellman - Internist

Dr. Jeffrey Hoy - Dentist

Dr. Howard Lazerson - Ophthalmologist

Darren Granger - Equipment Manager

Corey Osmak - Assistant Equipment Manager

Dana Bryson - Assistant Equipment Manager
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