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Cal Nichols - Chairman of the Board/Governor


Patrick R. LaForge - President and Chief Executive Officer

Darryl Boessenkool - Vice-President Finance & CFO

Kevin Prendergast - V.P. of Hockey Operations

Stew MacDonald - Executive Vice-President Sales & Marketing

Eric Upton - Vice-President Sales & Customer Relationships

Allan Watt - Vice-President of Communications, Broadcasting, and Publicity


Kevin Lowe - General Manager/Alternate Governor

Kevin Prendergast - Vice President, Hockey Operations

Scott Howson - Assistant General Manager

Craig MacTavish - Head Coach

Charlie Huddy - Assistant Coach

Bill Moores - Assistant Coach

Craig Simpson - Assistant Coach

Pete Peeters - Goaltending Coach

Brian Ross - Video Coach

Geoff Ward - Development Coach

Sean Draper - Director of Research, Analysis & Software Development

Ken Lowe - Head Medical Trainer Barrie Stafford - Head Equipment Manager

Lyle Kulchisky - Equipment Manager

Jeff Lang - Assistant Equipment Manager

Stewart Poirier - Massage Therapist

Kim Layton - Assistant Medical Trainer

Dr. David C. Reid - Team Medical Chief of Staff

Dr. John Clarke - Team Physician

Dr. Dhiren Naidu - Team Physician

Dr. Don Groot - Team Dermatologist

Dr. Ben Eastwood - Team Dentist

Dr. Tony Sneazwell - Team Dentist

Dr. Art Quinney - Fitness Consultant

Dr. Gordon Bell - Fitness Consultant

Dr. Dave Magee - Physical Therapy Consultant

Dr. Brent Saik - Team Optometrist

Daryl Duke - Special Assignment Conditioning

Joey Moss - Dressing Room Attendant

Lisa Stanley - Executive Assistant to the President

Valerie Rendell - Executive Assistant to the General Manager

Gary Goulet - Security Advisor

Mike Abbamont - Scout

Bob Brown - Scout

Bill Dandy - Scout

Brad Davis - Scout

Lorne Davis - Scout

Morey Gare - Scout

Kent Hawley - Scout

Stu MacGregor - Scout

Chris McCarthy - Scout

Frank Musil - Scout

Kent Nilsson - Scout

Dave Semenko - Scout

John Stevenson - Scout
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