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Mike Ilitch - Owner/Governor

Marian Ilitch - Owner/Secretary-Treasurer


Christopher Ilitch - Vice-President, Red Wings/President & CEO, Ilitch Holdings, Inc.

Jim Devellano - Senior Vice-President/Alternate Governor

Robert E. Carr - General Counsel

Ken Holland - General Manager/Alternate Governor

Jim Nill - Assistant General Manager

Paul MacDonald - Vice President of Finance

John Hahn - Senior Director of Communications

Anne Marie Krappmann - Community Relations Manager

Mike Brinich - Media Relations Manager

Kathi Wyatt - Executive Assistant

Bridget Merritt - Accounting Assistant

Zach Walsh - Media Relations Coordinator

Ryan Martin - Director of Hockey Administration


Mike Babcock - Head Coach

Paul MacLean - Assistant Coach

Todd McLellan - Assistant Coach

Jim Bedard - Goaltending Coach

Scotty Bowman - Consultant

Jay Woodcroft - Video Coach

Mark Howe - NHL Scout

Bob McCammon - NHL Scout

Joe McDonnell - Director of Amateur Scouting

Bruce Haralson - Amateur Scout

Mark Leach - Amateur Scout

Bruce Merkosky - Amateur Scout

David Kolb - Amateur Scout

Hakan Andersson - Director of European Scouting

Vladimir Havluj - European Scout

Marty Stein - Part-Time Scout

Evgeni Erfilov - Part-Time European Scout

Piet Van Zant - Athletic Trainer

Paul Boyer - Equipment Manager

Chris Scoppetto - Assistant Equipment Manager

Russ Baumann - Assistant Athletic Trainer

Sergei Tchekmarev - Team Masseur
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