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John H. McConnell - Majority Owner/Governor

John P. McConnell - Alternate Governor


Doug MacLean - President/General Manager/Alternate Governor

Jim Clark - Executive Vice-President/Assistant General Manager

Larry Hoepfner - Senior Vice President of Business Operations

David Paitson - Vice President of Ticketing

Paul D'Aiuto - Vice President of Corporate Development

Marc Gregory - Vice President of Marketing

Todd Sharrock - Vice President of Public Relations

Greg Kirstein - General Counsel

T.J. LaMendola - Chief Financial Officer


Gerard Gallant - Head Coach

Gary Agnew - Assistant Coach

Gord Murphy - Assistant Coach

Dan Singleton - Video Coordinator

Don Boyd - Director of Player Personnel

Bob Strumm - Director of Pro Scouting

Paul Castron - Director of Amateur Scouting

Dean Blais - Player Development

Sam McMaster - Amateur Scout

John Williams - Amateur Scout

Peter Dineen - Pro Scout

Kjell Larson - European Scout

Brian Bates - Regional Scout

Denis LeBlanc - Regional Scout

John McNamara - Regional Scout

Artem Telepin - Regional Scout

Bryan Raymond - Regional Scout

Andrew Shaw - Regional Scout

Milan Tichy - Regional Scout

Chris MacFarland - Manager of Hockey Operations

Jim Rankin - Manager of Team Services

Julie Uhler - Administrative Assistant, Hockey Operations

Chris Mizer - Head Athletic Trainer

Barry Brennan - Strength & Conditioning Coach

Chris Hannan - Massage Therapist

Tim LeRoy - Equipment Manager

Jamie Healy - Assistant Equipment Manager

Jason Stypinski - Equipment Assistant

Dr. Bruce Baloy, D.D.S. - Team Doctor

Dr. Robert Hinkle, D.D.S. - Team Doctor

Dr. Joseph Ruane, D.O. - Team Doctor

Dr. Richard Scheetz, D.D.S. - Team Doctor

Dr. Ray Tesner, D.O. - Team Doctor

Dr. David Weil, M.D. - Team Doctor

Dr. Randy Wroble, M.D. - Team Doctor
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