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Stan Kroenke


Pierre Lacroix - President

Francois Giguere - Executive Vice President & General Manager

Jean Martineau - Senior Vice President, Communications & Team Services

Michel Goulet - Special Assistant to the President

Greg Sherman - Assistant to the General Manager

Brad Smith - Director of Player Personnel

Craig Billington - Director of Player Development


Joel Quenneville - Head Coach

Tony Granato - Assistant Coach

Jacques Cloutier - Assistant Coach

Jeff Hackett - Goaltending Coach

Glen Cochrane - Scout

Paul Fixter - Scout

Wayne Flemming - Inventory Manager

Luc Gauthier - Scout

Terry Geer - Assistant Equipment Manager

Paul Goldberg - Strength & Conditioning Coach/Dietician

Charlotte Grahame - Senior Director of Hockey Administration

Cliff Halstead - Assistant Equipment Manager

Alan Hepple - Scout

Ronnie Jameson - Team Services Assistant

Garth Joy - Pro Scout

Kiril Ladygin - European Scout

Joni Lehto - European Scout

Terry Martin - Pro Scout

Brendan McNicholas - Director of Media Services/Internet

Mark Miller - Head Equipment Manager

Chris O'Sullivan - Scout

Don Paarup - Scout

Richard Pracey - Scout

Gregorio Pradera - Massage Therapist

Matthew Sokolowski - Head Athletic Trainer

Bryan Vines - Video Coordinator

Scott Woodward - Assistant Athletic Trainer/Physical Therapist

Damen Zier - Director of Communications
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