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Ed Snider


Peter Luukko - President and C.O.O. of Comcast-Spectacor

Keith Allen - Executive Vice President

Bob Clarke - Alternate Governor

Peter Luukko - Alternate Governor

Ron Ryan - Alternate Governor

Phil Weinberg - Alternate Governor

Joe Croce - Senior Vice President, Sales

Shawn Tilger - Vice President, Marketing and Communications

Lisa D'Aprile - Executive Assistant

Kate Dreyer - Executive Assistant

Mya Gupta - Executive Assistant

Ann Bachich - Receptionists

Debbie Brown - Receptionists


Bob Clarke - General Manager

Paul Holmgren - Assistant General Manager

Ken Hitchcock - Head Coach

Terry Murray - Assistant Coach

John Stevens - Assistant Coach

Reggie Lemelin - Goaltending Coach

Dave Brown - Director of Player Personnel

Dennis Patterson - Scout

John Chapman - Scout

Inge Hammarstrom - Scout

Simon Nolet - Scout

Chris Pryor - Scout

Vaclav Slansky - Scout

Ilkka Sinisalo - Scout

Steve Leach - Scout

Patrick Burke - Scout

Ross Fitzpatrick - Scout

Evgeny Zimin - Scout

Al Hill - Pro Scout

Barry Hanrahan - Assistant to the General Manager

Adam Patterson - Video Coordinator

Bryan Hardenbergh - Scouting Information Coordinator

Dianna Taylor - Executive Assistant

Sharon Allison - Receptionist

Bill DeLong, M.D. - Team Physician

Gary Dorshimer, M.D. - Team Physician

Jeff Hartzell, M.D. - Team Physician Emanuel

Sanfilippo - Team Physician

Guy Lanzi, D.M.D. - Team Physician

Jim McCrossin - Athletic Trainer / Strength and Conditioning Coach

Sal Raffa - Assistant Athletic Trainer

Derek Settlemyre - Head Equipment Manager

Brad Smith - Massage Therapist

Anthony "Rock" Oratorio - Equipment Manager

Harry Bricker - Equipment Manager

Mike "Huggy" Craytor - Training Center Maintenance
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