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Peter Karmanos Jr.


Jim Rutherford - President and General Manager

Thomas Thewes - General Partner

Jason Karmanos - Vice President and Assistant General Manager

Mike Amendola - Chief Financial Officer

Davin Olsen - Vice President and General Manager, RBC Center

Matt West - Vice President of Business Operations


Peter Laviolette - Head Coach

Kevin McCarthy - Assistant Coach

Jeff Daniels - Assistant Coach

Greg Stefan - Assistant Coach

Marshall Johnston - Director of Professional Scouting

Sheldon Ferguson - Director of Amateur Scouting

Claude Larose - Scout

Tony MacDonald - Scout

Bert Marshall - Scout

Wally Tatomir - Equipment Manager

Bob Gorman - Equipment Manager

Skip Cunningham - Equipment Manager

Doris E. Barksdale - Motivational Consultant and Community Programs

Mike Sundheim - Director of Media Relations

Kyle Hanlin - Manager of Media Relations

Chris Huffine - Video Coordinator

Brian Tatum - Team Services Manager

Kelly Kirwin - Event Coordinator for Hockey Operations

Pete Friesen - Head Athletic Therapist Strength & Conditioning Coach

Chris Stewart - Assistant Athletic Trainer

Dr. Jay Stevens - Head Medical Physician

Dr. Gabriel Rich - Team Dentist

Dr. Tom Long - Team Dentist

Dr. Mike Peters - Team Eye Doctor

Dr. Douglas Martini - Team Orthopedist
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