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Tom Golisano


Larry Quinn - Managing Partner

Dan DiPofi - Cheif Operating Officer


Darcy Regier - General Manager

Lindy Ruff - Head Coach

Brian McCutcheon - Associate Head Coach

James Patrick - Assistant Coach

Doug Mckenney - Strength And Conditioning Coach

Jim Corsi - Goaltender Coach

Corey Smith - Administrative Assistant Coach

Tim Macre - Athletic Trainer

Rip Simonick - Head Equipment Manager

George Babcock - Assistant Equipment Manager

Dave Williams - Asistant Equipment Manager

Kevin Devine - Director Of Amateur Scouting

Scott Schranz - Director Of Amateur Scouting Operations

Jon Christiano - Scout NHL

Craig Benning - Scout Western Amateur

Kim Gellert - Scout Western Amateur

Bo Berglund - Scout European Amateur

Lauri Khamylev - Scout Northeast Amateur

Paul Merritt - Scout USA Amateur

Nik Fattey - Scout Amateur Video

Bryan Stewart - Scout Pro Video

Mark Jakubowski - Hockey Department Analyst

Mike Bemingham - Coordinator Of Hockey Operations
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