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Forsberg has Wings interest, if healthy

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Tuesday, January 30, 2007

DETROIT - With the Detroit Red Wings holding a scouting staff summit this week in Florida, the team can now throw Peter Forsberg's name into the mix of potential candidates to fill their need for a top-six forward.

Forsberg met with Philadelphia general manager Paul Holmgren Monday and reportedly gave the Flyers permission to explore trading him. The 33-year-old Forsberg can still control his destination because he has a no-trade clause in his contract.

"He wants out of Philadelphia badly there's no doubt about that," one Wings scout confirmed. "It's been discussed trying to bring him here."

The Wings interest in Forsberg will depend entirely on his health.

"There's been one inquiry, a long time ago, only to say that if he were healthy we'd like to hear from Paul at the deadline, if he's going to move him," a Wings official said. "If he's going to be dealt, just place a courtesy call to us."

Forsberg is in the final year of two-year deal worth $11.5-million US. The Wings have just over $2-million left to spend and they have said they plan to spend as much of it as possible.

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I'm an Av's fan and I was glad to see him leave. He's a great player and all, but he's not the "heart and soul" type player that everyone believes he is. He never lead the Avalanche to a single Cup, both times the Av's won, Sakic lead the team in points in both regular season and playoffs, in fact for the 2nd cup they won without him in the line-up. Did I mention he's also injury prone? His heart is very much in Sweden and he has contemplated retiring from the NHL on a few occasions. Holland, do NOT get this guy! He is NOT going to garauntee you ANYTHING in the playoffs! He couldn't even garauntee Philly a place in the playoffs this season!
Good point. Solid from top to bottom.

An arguement could be made for Datsyuk's playoff performances, but Forsberg is pretty injury-prone.

It's better that they stick with what they have now (which is pretty good), and let another team take a gamble on him.
Detroit and Nashville are in an interesting position. They are good teams and playing very well, but they're in the weakest divison in the league and we know how well they both fared last year in the playoffs. It's easy to understand why they would be a little skeptical of their team and want to get a big name player.

datsyukdangler1 said:
I've heard of this as well. Sports radio named 4 teams that were interested in Forsberg, and they said that Detroit wasn't on that list.
He might be a good fit for Vancouver. With the way Naslund and Morrison have been playing this season, picking up Forsberg may actually help the team. I don't think it would make them a contender though as their defence is still full of holes and you also have to take into consideration what it would take to pry Forsberg from Philly. They ain't going to get him with draft picks alone and my guess would be that they want young defencemen in return to possibly replace Hatcher and/or Rathje. In other words, possibly Bieksa.
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