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Forsberg, Flyers GM meet to discuss future

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1/29/2007 9:53:32 AM

Peter Forsberg is expected to meet with Philadelphia general manager Paul Holmgren on Monday.

The Philadelphia Inquirer reports the discussion will likely determine the Swede's long-term future with the Flyers.

"It's time," Flyers president Peter Luukko tells the newspaper. "We've got to find out where he's at. We've got a month (until the NHL trade deadline). We don't want to come down to the 26th and still not know."

Speculation about Forsberg's future in Philadelphia has been swirling for the last several months. The Swede, who can become a free agent at the end of the season, has been bothered by foot problems this season, related to past surgeries and an inability to find a skate which will properly fit his feet. As a result, his play has suffered, which has only fuelled the rumors.

The Flyers say they've been contacted by several teams asking about Forsberg's availability but deny they are close to making any deals.

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Forsberg's future no clearer after meeting

Canadian Press
1/29/2007 10:30:33 AM

PHILADELPHIA (CP) - Peter Forsberg's future with the Philadelphia Flyers didn't become any clearer Monday despite a meeting with GM Paul Holmgren.

With trade rumours swirling around the veteran star centre, Forsberg and Holmgren agreed the only thing that matters right now is figuring out the player's foot/skate problems which have plagued him all season long.

''We said that we have to figure out the foot before we talk about anything else,'' Forsberg told reporters after the meeting. ''And that's what we're going to focus on.''

Until the 33-year-old Swede feels any better, it's useless to talk about a possible trade.

''Everybody is looking at the trading deadline and talking about that but it's just so far out of the question right now,'' Forsberg said.

Forsberg has been limited to 33 of his team's 49 games this season, collecting 29 points (8-21). A long list of NHL clubs would love to add the pending unrestricted free agent before the Feb. 27 trade deadline but Holmgren insisted he's not shopping him right now.

''He's never really been on the table,'' said Holmgren. ''Teams have called and the basic conversation goes something along the lines, `If you ever get to that point where you're going to move Peter Forsberg, we would have interest.'''

Right now, however, Forsberg's foot issues are preventing matters from becoming more advanced.

''And that sort of keeps everything else on hold,'' said Holmgren. ''We're trying to resolve the problem he's having and it's an ongoing thing. I feel like we're making some headway.''

But the clock is ticking. The Flyers need an answer from Forsberg before the Feb. 27 deadline. Does he want to stay or go?

''I think we'll know in a fairly short period of time,'' said Holmgren. ''It's Jan. 29 today and the trade deadline is Feb. 27. There's still some time.''

Holmgren would rather re-sign his top centre but didn't rule out dealing him if Forsberg gets healthy.

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