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12/4/2006 12:40:24 PM

The Philadelphia Flyers have named Bob Clarke as senior vice president, according to General Manager Paul Holmgren.

"Bob's experience as a player and general manager over the last 37 years is invaluable," said Holmgren in making the announcement. "This is a way to keep Clarkie involved in the organization and utilize the knowledge that he has gained over the years. He is a tremendous resource that we can call upon. We should take advantage of that and Bob is certainly willing to help out the organization any way that he can."

Clarke, 57, will be involved in aspects of the Flyers' player development program. He will be viewing and meeting with the team's drafted players, including Steve Downie, Claude Giroux and Andreas Nodl, monitoring their progress and helping in their development as they move forward in their hockey careers. Clarke will continue to keep in close contact with those players until they sign a contract with the Flyers and join the organization's system.

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