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Flames Off-season thread 2008.

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Sutter: 'Keenan an elite coach'

Calgary general manager Darryl Sutter, speaking for the first time since the Flames were eliminated from the playoffs, gave a thumbs up to head coach Mike Keenan on Friday as players gathered for the last time this season

I'm willing to give Keenan another chance but if he doesn't produce I say axe him.
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Flames crush Panthers, 8-2

David Moss recorded two goals and two assists while five other Calgary players also had multi-point performances, as the Flames pounded the Panthers, 8-2, in Friday night's preseason game at Pengrowth Saddledome....more

This streak better carry on into the new season. I'm more pumped about this season then I was last only because we got rid of Gay and Juice and picked up Bert and Cam...
My pre-season prediction is a 3rd place in the west finnish with 107 points.
Kipper: 72 starts and a 2.75 GAA
Iggy: 52 Goals 49 assists for 101 points
Langkow: 38 Goals 37 assists for 75 points
Bertuzzi: 42 Goals 40 assists for 82 points *playing 1st line
Camilarri: 35 goals 35 assists for 70 points
Lombardi: 37 goals 27 assists for 64 points
Bourque: 25 goals 40 assists 65 points

I have a feeling this year will be different, last year their 5 on 5 was great but it was the special teams that got them. The added grit will help the PK. I really think this year there's alot more chemistry and that'll help the PP alot. From what I've seen in the preseason Bertuzzi's been a great puck-mover and could potentially be a great guy to line up with Iggy. Though I haven't seen it, I've heard Camilarri is great at playing the point on the powerplay and could potentially be a great shot to mix things up with Phaneuf. Alot of their sucess this year will depend on the 1st line and if Bertuzzi's up to the task, from what I've seen in the pre season he could be. If he can manage a 1st line job I really think the Flames have a good shot at the NW. I know Kipper's stats have been declining since 04, but if the Flames get on a roll I'd bet he'd follow with the team.
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