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Flames Game Day Talk 2009/2010

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Tuesday, 15 September 2009

4 - 1

In pre-seson action it was the Abbostford Flames vs. The Edmonton Oilers.​

Tuesday night comprised of guys battling for the sixth and seventh defenceman spots. Among that group, new Flames head coach Brent Sutter thought Anton Stralman stood out the most.​

Not a bad game considering the Oilers line up they were facing tonight.​
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We won't need any excuses tomorrow night. We should be able to take out the Isles.

Today, I quickly heard the lineup for tomorrow and it looks like it will be fairly impressive

Stuart-Jaffray-Van Der Gulik


Starting: Kiprusoff
Back-up: Shantz
I was kinda hoping to see a little more of Irving, otherwise there's a lot of players to watch. I'm surprised they're not mixing and of the defence prospects with starters other than Aulie.
Here's the link to watch live online :beer
Dions Back! Phaneuf just distroyed Kyle Okposo with an open ice hit. Taken off on a stretcher. I hope Okposo is okay, but good to see Dion back to his old ways
Phaneuf with the game changer :bt

He's playing great; controling the game every time he's on the ice, he's definatley the best player out there tonight. I really hope Okposo's ok though.
Anyone know if the game tonight is online?
Wednesday, 23 September 2009

5 - 3

Grab the smoke machine oiler fans :cheeky4:
Here's a trade rumor which has been floating around today:

To Calgary:
Blue Jackets 3rd round pick 2010

To Columbus:
Anton Stralman
3-0 at the end of the 1st :D

The retro jearseys are growing on me.
Flames fans can't be happy with the effort of the flames last night other than the first period.

The Canucks dominated the Flames for the last two periods and out shot the crossly in the third.

The Flames were lucky to escape with the two points in this one.
I guess it's a good thing the Flames have a goalie who has to play for a new contract with-in the next 10 years. :cheeky4:
Game #3 of the season tonight and in the first 2 games the Flames have looked very good and very bad back and forth. Just like the last few seasons the Flames have had another very inconsistent start, the difference from the other years has been Kipper who has arguably stole both of the 1st 2 games maybe they should have him always play the preseason with the big pads then switch back at the start of the season. After all it was the start of 05-06 when all the goalies in the league (including kipper) had to adopt the smaller pads due to rule changes. Of course that season was remembered as Kippers best season in which he won the Vesina and the Jennings. Coincidence?

I am liking the new Brent Sutter system when they are playing it right, I'm assuming the next big thing to improve is their play in the 3rd periods. The last 2 3rd periods most of the time they were caught defending leads in their own end, optimally they'd be killing that time in the opposing end with a steady cycle. Up until now only the lower lines have had any sucess with this.

Even though Sarich is out the 5 permanent starters that remain are looking solid in both directions, although it appears Regehr has returned from jumping into the plays and creating offence back to the defencive defenceman we know. Hard to really complain about anything there. It's really amazing how Bouwmeester and Phaneuf play a very similar game but with little differences. For example I've noticed Phaneuf is starting to play a very good positional game were as Bouwmeester covers a lot more ice and catches players off guard with his speed. It'll be very interesting to watch the big 3 play out the season, as it looks now Bouwmeester is logging the most ice time, but I have a feeling Sutter's trying to keep the defencive minutes as balanced as possible.

Anyways that's my rant on the 1st 2 games.
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Anyone else hear quinn commenting on the Iggy and Souray incident where they both got tied up and Souray went funny into the boards.

Here's what quinn said about it after the game:
"I don't understand the players of today," he said. "If that had happened in the old days he would have got hit over the head with a stick right after. It was a pretty dirty play in my opinion. He poked his feet out and then piled on top of him. Somehow they never deal with that crap and they won't let the vigilante stuff happen to deal with it. It's disappointing."

IMO, he's sounding more like the crazy old man that he is rather than the brilliant head coach that Edmontonians think he is. Then again Quinn's always gonna be a smoke in mirrorskind of guy in Edmonton.
Let's hope it finnaly gets through to the team that sitting on leads never works no matter how big a lead...
The Flames are overrated. Yesterdays collapse wasn't all Kippers fault. The Flames ''top defence'' fell apart. You guys lack a top 3 forward for Iginla and Jokinen to play with.

As for your comment about the Oil. Sure, they aren't a perfect team. But they are a much better team than the Flames. Yesterday, both AB teams had 5-0 leads. One of them built on it winning 6-1. The other team fell apart, losing 6-5 in OT. Calgary isn't close to model team.

The Flames should watch the game between the Oil and Hawks. They might just learn somthing ;)
Personally I think the only time two teams can really be compaired is when they play each other. When it comes to Oilers vs. Flames this season....

...oh yea that's right Oilers lost both times this year despight home ice advantage. :beer
Friday, 16 October 2009

3 - 5

LIVE ON SNET-W(HD) Radio: Fan 960

7:30 PM

Does Juice have what it takes to play at the Dome for the first time tonight or is he going to have an injury like last season?
I wouldn't count on him playing, the Flames should be worried more about Nash who's lately been on his game.
Tuesday, 20 October 2009

3 - 6


8:00 PM

Lets hope the Flames can have a clear win on this game.
I'm calling it right now for the Saturday game, Flames win 5-3 :D
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