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Flames Game Day Talk 2009/2010

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Tuesday, 15 September 2009

4 - 1

In pre-seson action it was the Abbostford Flames vs. The Edmonton Oilers.​

Tuesday night comprised of guys battling for the sixth and seventh defenceman spots. Among that group, new Flames head coach Brent Sutter thought Anton Stralman stood out the most.​

Not a bad game considering the Oilers line up they were facing tonight.​
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Jokinen, Iginla, Phaneuf, Regehr, Bouwmeester, Sarich, Girodano, Langkow, Conroy; the Flames best players. Were they playing? No. Excuses? On your part, sure. :cheeky4:
lol @ Giordano.

Definitely not one of the Flames best players. A good bottom pairing guy at the most.
Lol, yeah, I know. I listed some of the players and then Giordano wasn't playing so I added him in... didn't even think of him when I typed that whole best players thing, hahaha. :duh
Kipper just slipped my mind as well, didn't think about the crease.
Geez, I hate living in Ontario. All I get is like... Eastern Conference. Especially Northeast. *Shudder* :thumbsdow
Nigel Dawes, little dude claimed off waivers, he's not doing too shabby, huh?
I think the hit was great, but throwing the guy, Morency or whatever, coming to Okposo's rescue to the ice was just the cherry on top. :thumbsup:

Just found out, he got suspended for it. Chocolate drizzle, perhaps?

All in all, two guys owned and a suspension all caused by Dion. He's back; keep your head up Northwest Division.
Does anyone know the rosters for the game against Vancouver? If they both go with their full rosters, this could be a great preseason tilt.
Thank the Lord, the guys at TSN figured out how to spell Theoren. :thumbsup:
I was less than impressed after the first.
Kipper's paddle save was fantastic and he play great for them. Giordana looked good at the start, but it began to appear as if he thought he was superior, not passing as much, and taking bad shots as opposed to seeking out another Flame.
That's what got me, too. For a large part of the first, I could see, right in the bottom right corner of my television screen, a perpetually open point. I was less than impressed by this.
I liked Dion's absolute clock-cleaning on Sedin though. Beautiful stuff.
Frankly, as a Flames fan, I'm ashamed by a game won by an oops. The Flames have been good defensively, but it's mostly because they've been playing the better part of their first two games in their own zone. They need to start playing better in the offensive zone at times other than the PP.
Probably the only upsides to their start of the season is the play of Jay Bouwmeester and the surprisingly not too slow start of Kiprusoff, who, while allowing 6 goals already, has a percentage of .921 on 76 shots, an average of 38 each game. If the Flames are going anywhere, they'll have to cut the SOGs down to somewhere around 30. Even still, Kipper will need to be stellar for a deep playoff run.
I'm pretty pumped for this one. I can see a good game coming the ways of Iginla and Jokinen. If the first line can (finally) get out of the gate tonight, they can win this game without Kipper standing on his head.
I've been sorta rooting for Montreal to do well this season (mostly because I wanna see Toronto bomb and let the Bruins have and early first), but not tonight. Gonna be a close one.
I remember when the Sens had an amazing start too. That wasn't what we'd call a dream season when all was said and done. I won't be assuredly praising this start until half way through the season when we can judge if it was luck or if this is a genuinely good team.
... and against the 0-2-0 Stars.
I wouldn't take this one lightly, though. If Turco can get in stride after a not so great game last game, the Stars have a good shot at a victory. They got just as far against Edmonton as Calgary did on a .833 SV%.
Meh, 4-1-0 or 4-0-1 is good enough, but 5-0-0 would be great. ;)
Man you Flamers must of been embarassed. 5-0 lead then POOF! its gone and then BAM! you lose.

In the last couple years, the Flames have been perennial slow starters. I think a couple good games early in the year set early expectations too high. Iginla and Kipper aren't themselves quite yet. Once they get geared up, this could be a very good team, this being maybe early to mid- November.

By the way, it's not like the Oilers are what they call a model franchise right now...
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