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I know there are a ton of FLames fans that are upset with the Phaneuf deal, but you guys did pretty good.

As long as you make the post season and re-sign Ian White, the deal will still be close to even. IF you can get Stajan to re-sign then I think there is no way to find a loser in this deal.

Give Hagman a chance. He has some very good skill. I am shocked Jokinen was moved before the two Finns had a chance to renew their Florida friendship. I would have thought the two of them would have made for a potent secondary scoring unit.

Stajan has been a favorite of mine for several years. But you need to take him for what he is. HE is not the answer to the Flames #1 center problem however. HE can do it, but he is not the #1 on a championship team.

YOu will learn to love Ian White. Give him 6 years at 3m per and before his contract is done he will be viewed as one of the best deals in the NHL.

Before the Jokinen deal I would have thought that this was enough to move Calgary up the standings. This deal is a good one for both sides.

The Jokinen deal however, has me shaking my head. I hope there are more moves to come.
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