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01. My favourite season of the year is... spring because I can go to the rink in shorts.

02. My favourite holiday is... Christmas, when I get to see my family and friends.

03. The last book I read was... Romo: My Life on the Edge: Living Dreams and Slaying Dragons. It's an autobiography on former National Football League player Bill Romanowski.

04. The last CD I bought was... Creed.

05. If I wasn’t a professional hockey player, I would... own some kind of business.

06. The one athlete whose autograph I most want is... Wayne Gretzky.

07. My favourite NFL team is... anybody but the Philadelphia Eagles because Brian McGrattan likes them.

08. The most influential people in my career are... my parents.

09. The best European city to visit is... Prague. It’s a nice city with lots of culture, and I enjoyed the 13th-century buildings there.

10. The funniest teammate I ever played with is... Jeff Ulmer in Binghamton (N.Y., Ottawa’s AHL affiliate).

11. The most stylish Senators player is... our goalie Ray Emery but Peter Schaefer is a close second.

12. My favourite NHL rink is... General Motors Place in Vancouver.

13. My favourite movie is... Braveheart.

14. The most embarrassing album/CD in my collection is... a Madonna CD in my car. It’s my girlfriend’s though.

15. I took my last vacation in... Las Vegas with Antoine Vermette.

16. You’d be surprised to know that I... am a neat freak. Ask the guys I stay with on the road. I always fold up my clothes neatly.

17. The best concert I ever saw was... Coldplay.

18. The first job I ever had was... at White’s Rental in London.

19. The player I idolized most growing up was... like most other kids, Wayne Gretzky.

20. My favourite TV show growing up was... The Simpsons, they’re still going strong.

21. My first memory of hockey is... skating on the pond near my parents’ (Bowmanville, Ont.) home until dark.

22. The NHL’s toughest player today is... my teammate, Brian McGrattan. He hasn’t lost too many fights.

23. The NHL’s toughest goalie to score on today is...Dominik Hasek. He’s pretty competitive.

24. Away from the rink my favourite thing to do is... watch movies.

25. The first hockey team I played for was... the Wexford Raiders AAA novice team in Toronto.

26. My closest friend in the NHL is... Alex Henry with the Nashville Predators.

27. My favourite hockey memory is... being the first star at the 1999 Home Hardware CHL/NHL Top Prospect’s game and winning a trip to Hawaii.

28. My favourite actor is... Hugh Grant.

29. After my playing career I would like to...fix old homes and sell them.

32. I wear No. 22... to honour my former teammate Shaun Van Allen, and I used to wear 11, so I doubled it up.

33. I first knew I had a shot at the NHL when... I was told last year that I had a spot.

34. My teammates and friends have a tough time beating me at... cards.

35. If I was featured in a movie, the best actor to portray me would be... Fez (Wilmer Valderrama) from That 70’s Show.

36. My favourite day of the week is... Friday, because we play a lot on that night.

37. As a reward to following a healthy diet, the favourite treat I allow myself to have occasionally is... chocolate ice cream.

38. The thing that motivates me everyday is... I love what I’m doing and I want to do this as long as I can.
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