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im in london so knighst obviously but also for good reason the undefeated streak was super exciting nationally televised games mid-season then we hosted the memcup in a sweet ass new downtown arena which always spilled out after into great times and i was usally watching the games in teh big beer tent with massive tvs everywhere honestly it was likely the most exciting time in london EVER thro crosby into the mix and what you have is one of teh most sensational seasons in the history of sports!!!

the unfortunate part is its pretty hard to match sumthing like that but we still have great players coming through here every year which makes it very enjoyable ya we cud put together our own NHL team soon ;)

lol i almost got in a fight with rob schremp too the night they won the memorial cup at a bar downtown silly american cant handle his beer!
41 - 59 of 59 Posts
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