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I used to really like the Seattle Mariners such as when they finished that season with a crazy 116 wins. I also liked them when they had young Alex Rodriguez, Ken Griffey Jr in his prime with 56 homers, and Randy Johnson who was an amazing pitcher back then. But now they only have Ichiro and never get into the playoffs as much as they used to.

Nowadays my favourite team is the Chicago White Sox. They have great pitchers and players. And I heard Frank Thomas might return.

My three favourite teams nowadays:
1. Chicago White Sox
2. L.A Dodgers
3. New York Yankees (Rodriguez is awesome)

Three favourites, all time:
1. Seattle Mariners
2. Oakland Athletics (Mark McGuire, Jose Canseco, two clubbers)
3. Toronto Blue Jays (Especially when they won two straight world series and had Trump own the team. Now he's gone and they blow. I also liked it when they had Roger Clemens and Pat Hentgen.)

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Eh, thats a tough one.

I like the Tigers just because I am from Michugan. But I like the Red socks even more.. so my anwser will be the Red Socks, I think thay can pull it off this year.
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