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Howdy All

I currently run a prospects League called World Prospects Hockey League.(EHM Simulation)

It contains players from the three teams from the Canadian Hockey League(i.e. 15 teams from the OHL, WHL, QMJHL, and 15 teams to make up a Euro League.)

I am currently looking for General MAnagers for this league. If you decide to join the you will manage 2 teams a WHL team a Euro team or a team from the OHL and a team from the QMJHL.

New players are made up from the CHL entry drafts and the IIHF Championships U18 for the Euro League.

Its will be a very competative league as the players will only play for four years and each team has about 3 goalies that play games to combined for the 82 game schedule.

There are rerates and ceilings adjustments every year to adjust the players to there various skills and such. There is also training programs that improve the players.

There is a Memorial Cup, and playoffs simular to the NHL playoffs.

The top four teams from each league get to play in the Mem Cup the schedule is very simular to the current Memorial Cup, except there is a Euro Team instead of a Home team.

PM me if your interested or email me


look forward to talk with u.

Nick Commish of the WPHL.
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