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Now, I know this game might sound explicit, but it's actually not really. Let me put it this way: If it's survived without being yanked on HCRealms of all sites (notorious for extreme censorship), it should be safe here.

You may have heard of this game. Basically, 3 celebrities or otherwise commonly-known people are selected. You select who you would personally choose to: marry, get rid of, and spend a night with. Reasons for the selection (eg. She/He is charming) are not necessary, but nice to have.

Then, you propose the next 3 people for the next poster to decide from, and so on. Try to keep the people selected somewhat original, and don't forget that choosing 3 people somewhat equal in desirability makes the game more fun, usually.

So, to the next poster, I pose this question.

Out of:

Jennifer Aniston
Rachel Weisz
Maria Bello

...who do you 'F, Kill, and Marry'?

(Don't forget to suggest your list of 3 afterwards!)
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