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Hi! Just a post that a lot of you die-hard fans might really be interested in!!!

There is an opportunity to take on an actor, Denis Leary, and NHL superstars Cam Neely and Pat LaFontaine in a 3 on 3 Hockey Game! The link is Leary Firefighters Foundation.

I also found this Mario Lemieux signed commemorative game model final year jersey online. The link is: Leary Firefighters Foundation

There is this auction, but it's not really a sports-centric site so you might be able to get some stuff for a real steal.

Like an opportunity to skate with Bryan Trottier and pick up some hockey tips from him. You can also pick up things like a Gretzky autographed jersey, a framed autographed photo of Wayne Gretzky, Gordie Howe and Mario Lemieux skating. Personally, I’ll be bidding on that framed photo, it looks pretty sweet. It's all pretty cool stuff they have about 75 different things they're auctioning off and a lot of people haven't even bid on a lot of the stuff yet. The link for all the items is: Leary Firefighters Foundation.

It’s for the Leary Firefighters Foundation. So since the proceeds go to charity, your purchase is probably tax deductible too! By the way, the auction ends later this months so you might want to at least take a look at it before it ends.
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