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IIHF studies foreign affairs
European players better off at home

The International Ice Hockey Federation says the NHL would be better off with fewer European players. And it says European players would be better off, too.

An IIHF study shows that European players would become better NHLers if they were to stay home until about 21 or 22 years of age, rather than rush off to major junior as teenagers to learn the North American game.

Too many of them, the study says, are destined to be fourth-liners, healthy scratches and career minor leaguers.

"The findings of the study support our concern that too many players who are not NHL-ready leave the European leagues and never reach their potential," IIHF president René Fasel said in a news release. "This is detrimental both to the NHL and to the top European leagues." - IIHF studies foreign affairs
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