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Oilers Fans Get Ready

Whoever said the oilers will be a mdeiocre team this year should go out and watch a game. I personally watched an oilers game aginst the Coyotes and their prospects were not even on the same radar screen coupled with the power and experience from last years playoff run of veterans and this team should be extremely offensively talented. Goaltending was a problem last year but not anymore, Jussi Markenen has come off a really good post season that he saw only a couple games but he almost got them a stanley cup after Roloson got injured. Rollie the goalie should put up great numbers but still be expected to keep them in a lot of games. He needs to prove that last years numbers were just a bad season and I expect him to rebound quickly and without hesitation. If injuries to a goalie were to happen Dubnyk and Deslauries can step up and be expected to play a game or two at the NHL Level.

Defense. This is the big question. If Matt Greene can stay out of the box and Bergeron can continue his power play prowess, they can be a threat. Expect this team to be a contender for the division title. Don't believe that Kevin Lowe is not looking to get a defenseman. I've even heard a report of Sheldon Souray going to the city of champions. The oilers can spare offense because they have so much depth and young talent. Shremp or Pouliot can even be included in this package.

The Line to watch for is Hemsky/Sykora/Torres they are going to be dangerous in any zone against any team this is the best scoring line I've seen from the oilers in a long time. This team will contend in the west for #1 in the conference.
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