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On Monday, I watched the Oilers/Kings game, and came away very impressed by Dustin Brown.

He hit everything that moved, and some of the hits were extremely punishing; the kind that will really wear opposing players down by the 3rd period. I think it reall had that effect on the Oilers (coming off a game the night before).

In the 3rd period, the Kings really poured it on, and Edmonton was clearly in "just hang on" mode, and was only able to pull out a win with some great goaltending by Matthieu Garon.

Anze Kopitar is getting a lot of (deserved) recognition on that line, but Brown is really doing it: While he's on the ice, the Kings are +1.54 per 60 minutes better than when he's on the bench. This is a clear cut above Kopitar's +0.47.

Scoring aside, the physical play is what I, as an Oilers fan, would love to see from Raffi Torres more consistently. Brown plays like a bit of a buzz saw.


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I've always thought he was a quality player. The guy reminds me of a bigger Darcy Tucker. He hits everything, gets under peoples skin, and has the ability to score goals.

Looking back at the 2003 draft, man a lot of quality players went in the first round.
Example: Hortan, Fleury, Staal, Vanek, Phaneuf, Coburn, Michaelek, Brown, J.Carter, Parise, Getzlaf, Bernier, Parry, Eaves, Richards.

Second round was pretty solid too ( Weber, Bergeron, Carle)
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