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Dreger: Teams searching for an upgrade

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Darren Dreger
12/28/2006 6:58:32 PM

Every team in the National Hockey League is looking for ways to improve, but when injury hits like it has in Toronto and Ottawa, dealing from a position of weakness is unwise.

Since Mike Peca went down with a broken leg just before Christmas, roughly six teams have called the Maple Leafs offering a life preserver.

For the moment, the price remains too high and doesn't match the level of urgency in Toronto.

The names being tossed around include Coyotes centre Mike Comrie who scored 30 goals last year. His teammate Dave Scatchard, considered a 3rd line centre is also up for grabs.

However, as one NHL manager noted, both Comrie and Scatchard have been available for the past two months.

Brendan Morrison, a versatile forward in Vancouver drew interest from Ottawa Senators GM John Muckler at the start of the season, but the Canucks haven't heard from Muckler since.

Perhaps, with Mike Fisher out indefinitely with a knee injury the talks between Ottawa and Vancouver will resume?

Columbus has made inquiries about Morrison's price tag, but that was a month ago and the fit wasn't right.

In fact, five teams have made a legitimate attempt to gauge Morrison's availability.

Too many buyers at this point, so the seller is encouraged to sit tight to see how high the market climbs.

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