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Darren Dreger
1/15/2007 6:59:24 PM

The Chicago Blackhawks have requested the topic of video replay and the protocol that surrounds it be added to the agenda at next week's Board of Governors meeting in Dallas. Although the approach is somewhat unusual, all teams have the right to introduce any items they believe worthy. However in this case, NHL brass would have preferred a less public application.

The Blackhawks campaign was ignited Sunday following a controversial shootout loss to the Minnesota Wild. Denis Arkhipov, Chicago's third shooter, appeared to score, based on the ruling of an on-ice official. However upon further review, the National Hockey League's Toronto office deemed conclusively, the puck did not cross the line. Hence, the original call was overruled and the Wild posted a 4-3 win.

The league is acknowledging its official made an error, but the photographic evidence the Blackhawks supplied to the media after the game, and have posted on their website, doesn't appear to be conclusive one way or another, fueling criticism the NHL should NOT have trumped the original call.

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