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DETROIT -- They've played two games and won one, but judging from fan reaction, there are problems looming with the Wings.

The fact the Wings have scored a total of three goals, compounded by the fact they're 0-for-11 on the power play, has fans worrying about the offense.

The Wings are surprised by the anemic attack. But, as they point out, it's only been two games.

"Now, if it's like this in December I'd be a little bit worried," Henrik Zetterberg said Tuesday. "But it's only two games. I'm not worried. We have a lot of skill on this team, and we'll do well."

In an effort to snap out of whatever has slowed the Wings, coach Mike Babcock had his power-play units on the ice a little longer.

"I'm sure they didn't like that very much," Babcock said of the extra work on the power play. "There's one way to solve that. Just score on the power play."

Which Babcock thinks will happen often enough.

Don't criticize offense yet - 10/11/06 - The Detroit News Online

The wings have agreat chance this season. still going to be playoff contenders im hoping first or second round at least.. and well, with the rumor mill talking of bertuzzi coming to detroit during trade deadline.. oh boy, that would be the best addition ever! I have always wanted that guy to play for detroit! I really hope it happens.

I think it will be possible if kenny turns loose a second round pick and Pavel Datsyuk. Im sure detroit has it in the bag.;)
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