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Donati scores three against his old team as Bulls beat Majors 4-2

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Canadian Press
Dec 7, 2006, 11:34 PM EST

TORONTO (CP) - Tyler Donati scored a natural hat trick against his former team, leading the Belleville Bulls to a 4-2 over the Toronto St. Michael's Majors on Thursday in the Ontario Hockey League.

Belleville (16-11-0-2) entered the third period trailing 2-1, but Donati chipped in two power-play goals 58 seconds apart to take give the Bulls the lead. He clinched it with his third goal late in the period.

The game was an odd experience for the Bulls' sniper, playing for the first time in his OHL career against his twin brother Justin.

Both brothers requested trades in the off-season as the Majors decided to rebuild. Tyler's request was granted - Justin's wasn't.

"Playing against him and other guys on the team was hard to do," said Tyler. "It felt pretty different.

"I wish I could play with him. It's tough to see your twin brother on the other side when you want to be with him. If we could get him on this team, that would be awesome. . . but we know it's not going to happen."

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