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6/29/2006 11:28:21 PM

As the Toronto Maple Leafs work towards bringing back a familiar face in Gary Roberts, who has asked the Florida Panthers to trade him back to Toronto for personal reasons, we will perhaps find out on Friday whether the Tie Domi era in Toronto is over.

Domi is one of the most popular Leafs and has one year remaining on his contract at a salary of $1.25 million, but sources tell TSN the Maple Leafs are seriously considering buying out Domi, which could effectively end his days as a Leaf and could conceivably spell the end to his 17-year NHL career.

If the Leafs decide to pursue the buy-out option, and a final decision one way or the other is expected Friday, Domi will have to be put on waivers before 12 noon. Once he clears waivers, the Leafs would be obliged to pay Domi two-thirds of his remaining salary, or $825,000, over the next two years.

But, as per the new CBA, because Domi is older than 35 and on a multi-year contract, his entire salary of $1.25 million would count against the Leafs' salary cap figure next season no matter what, whether he's bought out or retired or sent to the minors or playing on their roster.

Some might surmise that alone is reason enough to not buy out Domi - the only savings realized by the team on a buyout would be the $425,000 they wouldn't be paying him -- but what it does suggest is that if the Leafs do buy out Domi it's because they no longer feel he can contribute to their team or they simply don't want him on the roster.

Sources say Domi and his representatives, aware the buyout is a possibility, would like a chance to play for new head coach Paul Maurice at training camp in the fall and delay any decision on his future with the club until then.

So Friday appears to be double d-day for the Leafs - Domi decision day.

Meanwhile, the Leafs are expected to not exercise the option on netminder Ed Belfour's contract for next season, which would trigger a $1.5 million payout to Belfour. That sum would have to be paid out to Belfour over two years, with $750,000 counting against the Leafs' cap next season and another $750,000 counting against the Leafs' cap the following season.

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Maple Leafs to buy out Domi Staff
6/30/2006 11:15:03 AM

It appears Tie Domi's days as a Toronto Maple Leaf are over.

Sources tell TSN the team has initiated the buyout process which starts with the 36-year-old forward being placed on waivers at Noon et on Friday.

Assuming he isn't claimed by any other team on waivers, the Maple Leafs are then eligible to buy out Domi on the remaining year of his $1.25 million a year contract. And that is their intention.

Domi will receive two-thirds of that figure ($825,000) paid out over the next two years but his full salary of $1.25 million will be counted against Toronto's salary cap for next season.

There is a possibilty this could mean the end of Domi's 17-year NHL career as he has publicly stated in the past he would retire rather than play anywhere but Toronto.

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Leafs set to pull plug on Domi, Belfour


The Tie Domi decision is going right to the 11th hour.

While it has been long assumed the Maple Leafs will buy out the final year of Domi's $1.25-million US contract, thus ending his long association with the team, as of last night the process had not yet begun.

Two National Hockey League sources said Domi's name had not yet appeared on the league's waiver wire, which a player must be on by noon today as the first step to a buyout.

Most observers are expecting the Leafs to part ways with Domi by the 5 p.m. buyout deadline, but aren't sure what the hold-up had been. Yesterday, Dallas Stars winger Bill Guerin and former Leaf Travis Green, most recently with the Boston Bruins, cleared waivers and were bought out.

In Domi's case, should the buyout take place, all $1.25 million of his salary counts against the cap, half this coming season, half the season after. The Leafs would have to pay the 36-year-old Domi, who was unavailable for comment yesterday, $833,333 to walk away. The 15-year veteran, who has spent the past 10 seasons with the Leafs, has said he wants to retire as a Leaf.

But the Leafs will have a different look by tomorrow, regardless of what happens with Domi or any free-agent shopping.

They are expected to trigger the buyout option on goalie Ed Belfour's contract. General manager John Ferguson had given Belfour's agent, Ron Salcer, the ability to work out a trade with another club -- which would have saved the Leafs money and earned Belfour more -- but that doesn't appear to have gone anywhere. Belfour's $1.5-million buyout will count against the salary cap -- $750,000 this coming season, the same figure the year after.

The Detroit Red Wings, who had Belfour under consideration in 2002 when they chose Curtis Joseph, are said to be interested in Belfour as a free agent, a one-year bridge to prospect Jimmy Howard. The Florida Panthers also might have an interest in Belfour.

Jason Allison, who overcame career-threatening injuries to resurrect his career with a 60-point season here last year, will be off the books tomorrow, along with Eric Lindros. Both might return at significantly lower salaries.

All Leafs whose contracts were up received qualifying offers with the exception of minor leaguers David Turon and Mike Hoffman. Unproductive winger Nik Antropov is pondering a two-way offer from the team.

Ferguson has also let Scott McKay go after 10 years working with the equipment staff. The 35-year-old McKay often played goal when Belfour took a day off from workouts.

"It was explained to me that they were making changes," a disappointed McKay said yesterday. "But it was a great experience and I'd like to thank everyone with the organization."

June 30, 2006 - NOON
Leafs waive Domi

Tie Domi was placed to be placed on waivers at noon ET, opening the door for the Toronto Maple Leafs to buy out the NHL veteran, Sportsnet sources confirmed.

Barring the unlikelyhood he's claimed by another team, Toronto will buy him out, becoming responsible for two-thirds of his contract ($850,000) split over two years.

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kinda happy he's gone...didnt really give to toronto more fights and mostly no pts..just pentaly minutes and trouble..

along with eddie whos gone also...its gonna be less stressfull for the fans..knowing we now have a younger goalie... :D

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A real cornerstone of the community, i believe he will be missed. Not only as a hockey player but as a person who gave back.
I liked Domi personally :thumbsup: But this was clearly a business decision, and that is what this is all about.
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